Company Overview

Atlanta Steel & Technologies Ltd.

Atlanta Steel & Technologies Ltd. Regi. No- C 58065 (71)/05. Registered Limited Company of Bangladesh, Kabi Faruque Sarani, House No-11, Nikunja-2, Khilkhet, Dhaka-1229. Manufacturing plant Bangabandhu Sarak, Asulia, Savar, Dhaka mainly established for manufacturing every kinds of metal towers like as Electric Tower, Wireless Tower, Telephone Tower, Observation Tower and Tower making materials parts Implements and accessories by establishing one or more factory of modern Technology.

With a team of young and energetic engineers and management experts, The Atlanta Steel & Technologies Ltd. reflects a recurring theme of achievements and rapid growth. Having affiliated to the most experienced companies which are major in structural fabrication facilities and in the case of another having high skilled civil Engineering capabilities Atlanta Steel is providing a new dimension in the manufacturing and fabrication of value added steel products in Bangladesh. Although designing manufacturing, fixing steel tower and steel structure is the prime business of Atlanta Steel we also provide Solar Installation and Commissioning work for Telecom Operators, BTS room and tower foundation construction work in telecommunication field.

So, why are we going to be the LEADER?

Success is achieved through thousand and one ways. One simply becomes successful by being on the right place at the right time. Some attribute it through inheritance while others attain it by building their network. Just like any other enterprises, Atlanta Steel also aspires to reach success achieved by leading business companies. We, at Atlanta Steel believe that success is the end result of the labor of a Disciplined, hardworking and dedicated personnel.

Key Features

The business values of Atlanta Steel & Technologies Ltd. serve as a guide to us in achieving our corporate vision and mission. It is these values that will help to shape ourselves into a worldclass manufacturer of all kinds metal towers like as Electric Tower, Wireless Tower,Observation Tower and Tower making materials parts Implements Telecommunication Tower manufacturers, Erector, BTS installer as well as a civil works. In order to attain our objectives, we have an action oriented policy which is based on:

  • Technology
  • Expertise
  • Commitment
  • Competitive Price
  • Quality
  • All Module Extensions Included

Atlanta Steel & Technologies Limited

Head Office - House # 11 (1ST Floor)

Kabi Faruque Sharoni, Nikunja - 2

Khilkhet , Dhaka - 1229

Email -

Telephone:+8802-8958286, +8802-8919386